Water Closet Carriers & In-Wall Toilet Tanks

Find toilet carriers and in-wall toilet tanks for your home or commercial space when you explore the options at F.W. Webb. Our water closet carriers are used to reinforce the support of wall-hung toilets at home or on your worksite. We also carry in-wall toilet tanks that don't provide extra reinforcement but they stay hidden inside the wall to save space and provide a streamlined aesthetic. Use the filters on our site to sort through your choices efficiently; narrow down the toilet carriers and in-wall tanks by size, flush rate, and end connection. Select the appropriate toilet carrier in either cast iron or stainless steel; these materials are durable and provide the support necessary for wall-hung toilets in your commercial or home lavatory. We offer toilet carriers and in-wall tanks from top-quality makers you can trust, including Watts, Geberit, and Toto.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a toilet carrier?

A carrier is a frame installed inside the wall that provides reinforcement for a wall-hung toilet in a bathroom. The carrier secures the weight of the toilet and anyone who uses it.