Accessories for Your Kitchen Disposal

Many garbage disposals are not complete without the proper accessories, and at F.W. Webb, we offer great choices depending on what you need. A garbage disposal reduces food waste, odor, and trash build-up in your kitchen—and the right accessories help it run properly. We carry sink top switches, flanges, and drain stoppers in styles and finishes to complete your disposal set-up and complement your fixtures. Explore trusted brands, including Brizo, Blanco, Moen, and InSinkErator, to find reliable garbage disposals, flanges, drain stoppers, and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sink flange?

A sink flange is a connecting part between the drain and the pipe's tailpiece that creates a tight seal. It is typically placed around the rim of the sink drain and often has a grid-like design.

Does a garbage disposal need a special switch?

Yes, most garbage disposals need special switches to operate; however, the switch will look different depending on the disposal type. Wall disposals have a simple wall switch, wireless disposals have a remote, and air disposals have a button to operate.

Where should you place a disposal switch?

The best location for the garbage disposal switch is mounted on the wall, away from the surface of the sink and out of splashing distance. Or, if it is an air disposal, the button is near the sink on the countertop.