Top-Quality Toilet Flanges & Extensions

Explore top-quality closet flanges at F.W. Webb. Our selection features toilet flanges and closet extensions for your bathroom; use our handy filters to narrow the search by maker, finish, end connection, and bend angle. Select a sturdy material for your installation, these toilet flanges and extensions come in PVC, cast iron, ABS, plastic, cast brass, and stainless steel. We offer durable closet flanges from top makers, including Oatey, Sioux Chief, Pasco, and Walrich; browse the options and find the best product for your plumbing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a closet flange do?

A closet flange secures a toilet to the floor and connects it to the drain system.

Is a closet flange necessary?

A closet flange is necessary for toilet repair or installation. Without a flange, the toilet will not line up correctly with the drain system; this can cause leaks that damage the floor underneath.