Repair Parts for a Toilet Flapper

Explore toilet flapper assemblies at F.W. Webb. Our selection features all of the components that seal the gap between the tank and the toilet bowl to avoid any leaks, including flush valves, repair parts, tank balls, toilet flappers, actuators, and flapper balls. Use our helpful filters to sort toilet flapper parts by size, finish, length, width, and height to get the exact size you need for repair. Select a sturdy material that can withstand normal and tear: microban rubber, plastic, silicon, PCV, or PVC. We carry toilet flapper assemblies from trusted makers, including Kissler, Fluidmaster, American Standard, and Korky; search through the options and find parts for your plumbing project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do toilet flappers come in a universal size?

No, toilet flappers range between two to five inches in size. Check your manufacturer's details to determine the best size flapper for your toilet.

What are the parts of a toilet flapper assembly?

Some of the parts needed to assemble a toilet flapper include a flush valve, tank ball, actuator, and flapper ball.

How do I know if I need a new toilet flapper?

Toilet flappers typically last anywhere from four to five years. You may need to replace a flapper if the toilet runs constantly, leaks, or randomly flushes when you aren't using it.