Durable Lead Materials for Plumbing Projects

F.W. Webb carries an assortment of sheet lead and bends for plumbing and construction jobs. Made in lead, these durable sheets and bends are low-density, malleable, and protective, making them practical options for multiple projects. Lead sheets are used in plumbing, roofing, and construction industries to create a barrier against water, radiation, and sound. Lead bends are typically used in plumbing to join pipes; these corner segments allow you to customize complex systems and maneuver across any topography. Our sheet leads and bends come in a range of sizes for plumbing repairs and updates; explore the options and find the right components for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sheet lead used for?

Highly malleable, sheet lead is a versatile metal used for a variety of purposes including waterproofing, roofing, soundproofing, and protection against radiation. Because this metal is secure, impermeable, and adaptable, it is the ideal material for plumbing and construction applications.

What is a lead bend?

A lead bend is an elbow-shaped connection piece that allows you to turn and navigate a piping system in order to accommodate custom plumbing routes.