Valves That Protect Your Home

Browse our collection of air admittance valves and find the right fit for your plumbing fixtures. These valves allow for proper ventilation without the need to hook up the piping to a larger venting system. Air admittance valves require less labor and time to install and reduce the need to create another opening in the roof. We also carry trap vents, essential fixtures that help prevent sewer gasses from leaking into your household, filters, and wall box kits for additional plumbing applications. Find air admittance valves from Oatey, Studor, and other trusted brands when you explore the selection at F.W. Webb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an air admittance valve replace a vent?

Yes, an air admittance valve can replace a vent to keep air from moving through a trap while it prevents sewer gasses from entering.

Can an air admittance valve be used to vent a toilet?

Yes, an air admittance valve can vent toilets. Since the valve replaces traditional venting pipe systems, it is a simple alternative to ventilation. Toilet venting is not allowed in all areas; check the regulations in your region.