Valves that Protect Drinking Water

Browse a selection of backflow prevention valves from F.W. Webb and find products that keep your drinking water clean and safe. A backflow preventer applies pressure within the piping system that pushes water in a single direction to remove debris and prevent contaminants from re-entering your supply line. Find air gaps, elbows, and repair kits to accommodate the backflow preventer and keep your plumbing performing its best. Check your backflow preventer at least once a year for regular maintenance. We offer durable, top-of-the-line backflow prevention valves from Watts, Apollo, and other trusted manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a check valve and a backflow preventer?

The difference between a check valve and a backflow preventer comes down to the mechanism used to keep water flowing in one direction. A check valve uses a hinged plug that shuts if the water tries to flow backward; a backflow preventer uses pressure in the forward direction to push the water.

Where should a backflow preventer be installed?

Install a backflow preventer inside an enclosure above the ground outdoors. This allows easy access for maintenance and minimizes flood risk. Do not install a backflow preventer underground, as this location can pose a gas leak threat.