Valves for Backwater Prevention

Explore our selection of backwater valves and find the products necessary to protect your home against flooding. A backwater valve installs into the sewage line between your home and the public system; this essential valve pushes back overflow water to prevent it from coming back in and flooding your home. Many backwater valves are made from durable PVC that is resistant to corrosion and chemicals so it holds up under pressure. F.W. Webb provides high-quality backwater valves from American Brass & Aluminum, No Hub, Walrich, and other reliable brands so you can find the model you need for your plumbing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should a backwater valve be installed?

Install a backwater valve near the public sewage line where the water flows out of your house pipeline. It can be located in your basement, front yard, or backyard.

Is a backwater valve the same as a backflow preventer?

While they are often confused for each other, a backwater valve is not the same as a backflow preventer. A backwater valve installs onto your sewage line to prevent the public pipeline from flooding your home, whereas a backflow preventer protects the water supply line itself from contaminants.