Control Flow With Ball Valves

Browse our collection of ball valves and find essential components to support your plumbing system. Named for their pivoting ball that controls liquid, ball valves divert, switch, combine, and shut off water flow, making them a multi-functional mechanism. Explore our selection of ball valves to find the best option for your plumbing needs; we carry butterfly, full port, standard port, and drain valves. Find the right valve for your needs when you filter your search options by size, end connection, handle type, seal material, and port type. F.W. Webb offers high-quality ball valves from Apollo, Webstone, Red White, and other trusted manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3-way ball valve?

A 3-way ball valve has three separate openings through which water flows. The openings usually include one inlet and two outlet ports that split the water flow in different directions. They have the capability to cut off, switch, combine, and divert water flow depending on your plumbing needs.

What are the advantages of a ball valve?

A ball valve has many advantages:

  • Lighter and smaller than a gate valve
  • Fast open and close rate
  • Leak-proof
  • Safe to operate in high temperatures and pressures
  • Available in a range of sizes and multi-valve design

What is the difference between a full port and a standard port ball valve?

The difference between a full port and a standard port ball valve is the size: full ports are the same diameter as the pipe to which they attach, and a standard port is smaller. Standard ports are usually more economical but can cause higher pressure shifts due to their size.