Valves for Hot and Cold Water Mixing

Browse a selection of reliable mixing valves at F.W. Webb. A mixing valve is used to control the blend of hot and cold water in the plumbing system to create a comfortable temperature when it leaves the faucet or shower head. Most mixing valves operate automatically to guarantee the desired water temperature is delivered adequately to reduce the chance of burns and injury. Explore mixing valves from trusted brands in assorted sizes and materials and find options that suit your plumbing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two main types of mixing valves?

The two types of mixing valves are the single handler and thermostatic. The streamlined single handler mixer valve operates under the control of a single manual handle; water flow can vary based on pressure changes in the plumbing system. The thermostatic mixing valve responds quickly to variable pressures in the plumbing system to keep temperature consistent throughout use.

Where are thermostatic mixing valves used?

The thermostatic mixing valve is used in a shower, or a sink in the kitchen or bathroom. These valves are placed directly in the shower heads or taps within the unit.