Wall-Hanging Toilets for the Bathroom

F.W. Webb carries an assortment of residential wall-hung toilets that save space in any bathroom. Our selection includes wall-hanging toilets and bowls sorted by size, material, finish, length, bowl shape, flush type, and toilet seat. The toilet's tank and support are installed inside the wall to create a sleek, minimalist look. Our residential wall-hung toilets come in sturdy ceramic and vitreous china; explore the collection and choose an option from trusted makers, Duravit, Toto, and American Standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wall-hung toilets worth it?

Wall-hung toilets offer several benefits that make them ideal for a minimalist bathroom or small lavatory. Not only do they offer a clean, modern aesthetic, but space-saving wall-hung toilets are also quieter than standard units since the tank is located inside the wall.

How high should a wall-hung toilet be from the floor?

A wall-hanging toilet should be installed at least 15 inches from the floor, an ideal height for most members of the household.

What is the weight limit for wall-hung toilets?

Most residential wall-hung toilets have a weight limit of 500 pounds, providing plenty of support for those who use it.