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Explore the superior-quality options in bathtub and shower drains at F.W. Webb. Our selection includes combination waste and overflow assemblies for the bathtub, individual shower drains, and convenient drain kits for a one-and-done solution. You'll also find helpful parts to complete your bath or shower project, including waste and overflow trim packages, drain strainers, flanges, drain grates, and more. Choose from satin nickel, chrome-plated, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, and other attractive finishes that coordinate with your bathroom's existing fixtures and hardware. Use our convenient filters to sort bathtub and shower drains by pipe size, width, shape, height, and other variables. We offer sturdy drains from trusted makers, including QM Drain, American Brass & Aluminum, American Standard, Gerber, and Moen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tub and shower share the same drain?

Yes, a combination tub and shower can share the same drain. But if you plan to install a separate shower and bathtub in your new construction or home renovation project, consult your local building codes: Most likely you'll need to install a separate trap and drain for each fixture to avoid backflow from the tub to the shower when you empty the bathtub, for example.

What are the different types of shower drains?

The main types of shower drains include one-piece, three-piece, point-style, multi-piece, hidden or decorative drains, and linear drains.

  • One-piece shower drains are simple in design because their installation is on top of a tile shower floor above concrete, which can get wet without any issues, so there's no need for additional pieces as protection.
  • Three-piece shower drains are common when building a shower floor on top of a wood subfloor. An essential part of the three-piece drain is a shower liner, protecting the wood from water damage, mold, or mildew.
  • Point-style shower drains are the most popular style. They're placed directly in the middle of your shower floor to direct water down from all directions.
  • Multi-piece shower drains include the most pieces, but they're used with the simplest shower stalls, including a one-piece shower stall or those with a pre-molded base.
  • Hidden shower drains feature frameless designs, making them virtually invisible. This type of drain fits best in a minimalist, modern bathroom.
  • Linear shower drains are long and rectangular, matching the length of the wall. The tiles on the floor of your shower should slope towards this drain.

Do tub drains have a standard size?

Yes, modern bathtub drains are 1.5 inches in diameter, so use this metric to inform the rough-in plumbing dimensions. If you're installing a bathtub drain into an antique fixture, for example, a cast-iron clawfoot tub, you may encounter a smaller diameter drain opening, but you can still connect it to a standard 1.5-inch pipe using a reducing washer.