Self-Rimming Tubs From Trusted Makers

Explore an assortment of sturdy, attractive drop-in and undermount tubs at F.W. Webb. These tubs are similar in shape and style, but a drop-in is lowered into a precut deck for installation; an undermount bathtub is installed beneath the rim. Our selection includes self-rimming and drop-in soaking tubs that elevate the look of the bathroom and create a relaxing spa-like bathing experience. Choose a drop-in bathtub that coordinates with the bathroom décor; find finishes in neutral hues of biscuit and white and shapes from rectangular to oval. We carry drop-in and undermount tubs from trusted brands, including Duravit, Maax, and Aker. Use the convenient filters on our site to sort these drop-in and undermount tubs by size, material, capacity, shape, and drain connection to find the perfect option for your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a soaking tub and a regular tub?

A soaking tub is deeper than a regular unit and is designed for long, relaxing baths that can improve mood or provide muscle pain relief.

How much space is needed for a drop-in tub?

The deck that surrounds a drop-in tub must be 1 foot longer and wider than the actual tub, ideal for a large bathroom. Drop-in tubs range from 45 to 72 inches for length, 30 to 32 inches for width, and 14 to 20 inches for height.

What is the difference between drop-in and alcove tubs?

The difference between drop-in and alcove tubs is that an alcove bathtub is finished on three sides and installed in a recess or corner of the bathroom while a drop-in bathtub can be installed anywhere in a precut surround or deck.