Grill Carts & Shelves

Explore a collection of high-quality grill accessories at F.W. Webb. A cart with removable casters provides a secure and mobile base for a grill and gives you the flexibility to cook anywhere on the patio or in the backyard. Install a shelf on either side of the grill to set down cooking essentials during grilling time and keep them within easy reach; some of the shelves include cup holders to hold your beverage. Made in stainless steel, vinyl, or composite, these components can stand up to the regular everyday use of a grill. Use our convenient filters to narrow grill parts by size, end connection, heating capacity, and other variables. Trusted makers RH Peterson, and Broilmaster offer durable accessories for your new or existing grill.

Grill Covers

A cover is an essential accessory for an outdoor grill. Using a cover protects your grill from the effects of weather, including the sun which may cause color fading, snow, or rain which can cause rust. While grills are typically made with durable materials that withstand outdoor elements, a cover offers additional protection that can lengthen the life of the equipment. If you live in a humid area, consider a cover with ventilation to avoid moisture or corrosion.