Burners, Knobs & Grates for Grills

Browse quality grill parts at F.W. Webb. Our collection includes burners, grates, knobs, and venturi tubes for repairs or maintenance to an outdoor grill. Find replacement burners that restore equal flame distribution across the grill; adjust the propane or gas flow going into the burner with a sturdy new knob; replace old grates with a clean, new set that adds grill marks and rich flavor to food. Made in cast iron, stainless steel, wood, and brass, these sturdy parts and components can withstand the regular use of a new or existing grill. Use our helpful filters to sort grill products by size, finish, and other variables. Explore the selection of parts from trusted makers Modern Home Products and Broilmaster to find the right pieces for your grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my grill burners?

Replace your grill burners when the material is weak, abnormally large flames well up from the side or top, or if large, uniform holes appear around the burner.

How do you know when to replace grill grates?

Replace grill grates when they rust, chip, or simply won't come clean.