Twin, First & Second Stage Regulators

Browse the selection of twin, first-stage, and second-stage LP regulators at F.W. Webb. These regulators are designed to reduce the pressure in a gas line that runs from a storage tank or container to an appliance, making it easier to regulate and control the flow. Use our convenient filters to narrow twin, first-stage, and second-stage regulators by end connection, outlet pressure, and BTU input. Explore durable LP regulators from trusted maker Cavagna to find the right device for your propane application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between first and second-stage propane regulators?

The difference between first and second-stage propane regulators is that a first-stage regulator reduces pressure before it reaches the gas service line; a second-stage regulator lessens pressure, but then adjusts automatically to supply the demand of the propane appliance.