Replacement Blades & Bits for Hand Tools

Explore a collection of saw blades, drill bits, and accessories to find replacement parts for common hand tools. Drill bits include bell hanger, pilot, and driver hex options to work with most appliance types. Hole cutters, auger bits, deep sockets, reciprocating blades, and cutter wheels made in durable, corrosion-resistant materials make great additions to any workbench. F.W. Webb carries cutters, saws, and bits from top brands, including Milwaukee Tool, Lenox, and Pasco, so you can complete your tool kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common types of drill bits?

A twist bit is the most common type used in hand drills. These bits serve a wide variety of purposes, including boring holes in plastic, wood, and sheet metal. Other common types of bits include brad, auger, and spade varieties. Each type is used to create different sizes and types of holes in certain materials.

How do I choose a saw blade?

Choose a blade based on the type of saw it will be used with and the number of teeth needed to do the work. The number of teeth on the blade will determine how cleanly the saw will cut through the material; ripping wood requires fewer teeth than making precise crosscuts.