Safety Shields & Work Glasses

Find the right safety glasses for your job at F.W. Webb. Many of the safety glasses in our collection include anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings to provide a clear visual field when it matters the most. Rimless safety glasses are often more comfortable than framed options; these lightweight glasses won't add pressure on your face, and they offer a clear line of vision without obstructions from the frame. Glasses with safety shields offer additional protection on the bottom, top, or sides. Tinted glasses are essential when working outdoors or in bright conditions as they cut the light to reduce eye strain and glare and improve clarity and color. Both the tinted and clear safety glasses in our selection offer 99.9% UV protection to shield eyes from sun damage. Use our helpful filters to sort work glasses by product type, size, and other variables. Explore top-quality safety glasses from trusted makers Milwaukee Tool, PIP, Klein, and Walrich to find the best fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OSHA standard for safety glasses?

The OSHA standard for safety glasses includes the following general requirements:

  • The employer must ensure each affected employee wears eye or face protection when exposed to hazards including flying particles, liquid chemicals, acids, or molten metals.
  • Each affected employee must use eye protection that offers side coverage when there are flying object hazards present.
  • Eye and face protection products should be marked clearly for easy identification.
  • Each affected employee who regularly wears prescription lenses should wear eye protection that includes the prescription in the design or wear safety glasses over their standard prescription lenses without any obstruction.

Can you use sunglasses as safety glasses?

Sunglasses can't be used as safety glasses; they don't protect your eyes from flying objects, dust, and splashes in industrial situations. Standard sunglasses typically don't come with strong frames, shatterproof lenses, or protective shields.