Cowhide, Coated & Nitrile Gloves

Browse the selection of safety and work gloves at F.W. Webb. Use work safety gloves to protect hands exposed to chemicals, electricity, heavy-duty equipment, and extreme cold or heat; the added barrier keeps bruises, cuts, and blisters at bay. Work gloves coated with nitrile offer an extra layer of protection and a solid grip when handling tools, small components, and machinery in warehouses. We also carry powder-free gloves ideal for industrial processing and cowhide leather gloves that protect hands during tough, cold outdoor work. Use our helpful filters to narrow gloves by size, material, finish, and other variables. Explore top-quality safety and work gloves from trusted makers Milwaukee Tool and PIP to find the right pair for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are work gloves good for?

Work gloves protect hands from minor injuries, making them good on construction and carpentry job sites. Work gloves are ideal for various home improvement projects including painting, metalworking, gardening, and plumbing.

What are the different types of work gloves?

The different types of work gloves include the following:

  • Puncture Resistant: Use these gloves in industries that require manual cutting, including food service, construction, or warehouses.
  • Leather: These gloves are thick, insulated, and offer a great grip to protect welders, carpenters, and construction workers on the job.
  • Coated Fabric: Use these gloves in jobs that require extra protection from punctures, chemicals, and cuts.
  • Cotton: These lightweight gloves are perfect for general jobs where you need minimal coverage and protection.
  • Latex, Plastic, Rubber: Gloves made in these form-fitting materials are perfect in laboratories or medical settings.
  • Vibration Resistant: Use these gloves in construction, automotive, and fabrication industries to lessen the impact of extended vibration tool usage.
  • Butyl Rubber: Ideal when working with chemicals, these gloves resist alcohols, bases, acids, and ketones.