Wafer & Lug Butterfly Valves

Explore butterfly valves for liquid and gas pipelines at F.W. Webb. Butterfly valves control flow with an internal disc that can be closed or opened using an external lever or handwheel. Lug butterfly valves get their name from the bolts they are installed with; the lugs make the valve highly durable against pressure and temperature. They can be used for end-of-the-line service, but a blind flange is always recommended. Wafer lever butterfly valves are used to connect two flanges together, making a seal that guards against double-directional pressure and backflow. Since these valves merge flanges, they are not suitable for end-of-the-line service. Both wafer and lug butterfly valves are made from heavy-duty materials to withstand corrosion from the transport of hazardous substances and will work with either pneumatic or electric actuation. No matter what type of butterfly valve you're searching for, find top-of-the-line products from Milwaukee Valve, George Fischer, Centerline, and Red White.