Top-Quality Check Valves for Plumbing Systems

Browse our selection of check and swing valves to find what you need to protect your water supply. A check valve is a simple device that prevents water flow from reversing, which can create damage to your pipeline. Check valves feature a single inlet and outlet, and are operated by a pressure differential. The valve will automatically open above a specified upstream pressure. Check valves are often placed in a sequence throughout the piping to prevent the backflow of any unwanted or contaminated fluid. Inspect your check valves often; damage and wear can cause flooding, contamination, or leakage. F.W. Webb carries check and swing valves in assorted sizes and finishes for all your plumbing needs; explore options from trusted brands, Red White, Apollo, and Legend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of check valves?

The three types of check valves are piston, ball, and stop. Piston check valves have a weighted disc to prevent backflow. Ball check valves use a weighted ball instead of a disc to allow and prohibit backflow. Stop check valves are used to prevent damage to pump or boiler systems.

Where should a check valve be installed?

Check valves can be installed in horizontal or vertical piping runs. Place the check valves at the lowest elevation of the plumbing system so the weight of the water can help seal it.