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Black, Brass & Galvanized Nipple Fittings

Browse nipple fittings at F.W. Webb to find the best fit for plumbing applications. Use black steel nipples to connect two fittings together in various situations, including propane and natural gas delivery and fire sprinkler systems. Browse options for black steel fittings from trusted manufacturers Nipples and Domestic Pipe to find an optimal match for your plumbing needs. Deliver water in commercial applications with the use of threaded brass nipple fittings that are corrosion and rust-resistant, ideal for long-time use. Strong, zinc-coated, galvanized nipple fittings protect against rust, ideal for cold water lines in industrial or outdoor uses.

Stainless Steel Nipple Fittings, Trays & Packs

304 and 316 stainless steel nipple fittings include chromium and nickel to offer heat and corrosion resistance and durability; use these fittings in saline and chloride plumbing applications for optimal performance. We also carry trays to safely transport nipples for a residential, commercial, or industrial plumbing project. Explore the selection of nipple trays from trusted maker Nipples to find the right fit. Packs feature nipples in various sizes and types to ensure you have the perfect fitting for any plumbing job that comes your way.

Explore nipple fittings at F.W. Webb and find the best match for residential or commercial plumbing uses.