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Off-Grid Freezers, Ranges & Refrigerators

Browse retro appliances at F.W. Webb to find the best equipment for your off-grid setup. Use a retro refrigerator to keep perishable items from spoiling in an off-grid kitchen; explore our collection of off-grid refrigerators from trusted maker Unique and choose from solar, propane, or gas models. A retro range offers optimal heat control to create an ideal cooking experience for an off-grid setting; these units run on propane or gas fuel, eliminating the need for an electric source. We also offer retro freezers for off-grid applications. An energy-efficient off-grid freezer features an upright, vertical design and provides an optimal freezing solution for meat, ice, treats, and more while on the road, in a cabin, or any place without access to an electrical grid.

Explore retro appliances at F.W. Webb and find the right model to create the perfect off-grid setup.