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Butterfly & Ball Valves for Industrial Applications

Explore quality industrial valves and automation equipment at F.W. Webb. Butterfly valves are used in industrial combustion systems to regulate the flow of gas, air, or propane. Find top-quality industrial butterfly valves from trusted makers Bonomi, Milwaukee Valve, and Quadax. Use a ball valve as a shut-off device in an industrial system; this valve is commonly used for gas or liquid flow control in offshore and onshore production facilities or fuel-feeding furnaces using automation. Made in stainless steel or lead-free brass, the durable automated ball valves in our collection can withstand the daily operation of an existing system.

Solenoid Valves, Actuators & Parts

An electrically controlled solenoid valve opens, closes, distributes, or mixes the media or fluids in a heating, compressed air, or irrigation system. Browse normally closed, 2-way, normally open, and universal industrial solenoid valves from trusted maker Asco. An actuator opens or closes valves to prevent leaks and damage in the corresponding unit; find actuated valves, actuators, and parts to control air pressure and water flow in industrial applications.

Browse the selection of valves and automation equipment at F.W. Webb, and find the right fit for your industrial systems.