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Industrial-Strength Manual Valves

Browse our selection of manual valves for industrial applications at F.W. Webb. Manual valves have a variety of uses and are commonly applied in industrial settings due to their versatility and capacity to withstand high pressures and temperatures. An industrial gate valve uses a linear movement to control the start and stop of air or water flow; a gate valve has a simple and effective design and can be applied in bi-directional flow systems. An industrial needle valve performs optimally in applications that require precision, from fluid flow to vacuum systems; find quality needle valves from Ashcroft, Apollo, and other trusted brands. We also carry durable industrial globe valves made of sturdy bronze, steel, and other materials that stand up to years of frequent use.

Industrial-Grade Butterfly, Check, Ball, & Pressure Relief Valves

Explore a collection of resilient seated butterfly valves for lightweight and compact options for industrial use. Install a check valve for exceptional results in industrial pumps, compressors, and systems in need of backflow prevention. Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, a ball valve starts and stops fluid flow when rotated; find models with locking levers for greater control over your system. Industrial pressure relief valves are versatile and can be used in high-pressure and temperature-sensitive systems.