F.W. Webb is the Northeast's exclusive distributor of Exact Pipe Cutting Systems

Exact Tool

Bedford, MA

The Exact Pipe Cutting System is designed and made for professional use. All pipe cutters are lightweight and easy to carry and operate on-site. You can use the Exact pipe saws to cut steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and multi-layer pipe. In their product range they also have special pipe saws for cutting ventilation pipe and for cut and bevel plastic pipe in one process. Exact pipe cutting systems have been used for over 10 years and their patented technology has been used globally by many leading brands. You have everything you need in one handy shoulder bag.

Several cutting systems are available. One is just right for you.

  • Exact saws are incredibly fast, saving you precious work time.
  • All pipe materials such as steel, stainless, cast-iron, copper, plastic, multi-layer can be cut.
  • Perfect cut ends of the pipe are straight and ready to weld or join.
  • Tools range in size from ¾” – 14”.
  • Exact cutting method is fire safe, energy saving and safe for the user and working environment
  • Pipe can be cut anywhere that electric power is available.
  • A multitude of different pipe sizes and material can be cut with one machine
  • Workbenches or big tripod stands are not needed.
  • Return on investment (ROI) over a short period of time.
To learn more or for a FREE live demonstration, please contact Frank Lamparelli, 603-438-0181, fdl@fwwebb.com.

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