Webb Helps Watts Foundry with New Facility

F.W. Webb Company

Bedford, MA

F.W. Webb Company was the exclusive provider of material to the new Watts Regulator Foundry in Franklin, NH. Webb's Dennis Morrissey and Ernie Coutermarsh worked diligently on the design and selection of products for this site to ensure that the products they provided fit the customer's needs. Granite State Plumbing and Heating worked together with Webb to provide Watts with value added changes on the building after their conceptual design was achieved.

Due to its light weight and superior design, Transair pipe offered Watts the ability to reduce load weight on the roof of the building. Transair offers a more flexible solution than a traditional copper and steel system; the Transair system can be changed after the fact through the ability to reuse the material, which is not possible in a conventional system. On top of the great look of the system, Watts also likes the ability to be able to add on to the compressed air simply through the addition of parts through F.W. Webb, without requiring the use of a torch or hiring a welder. For additional information about Transair piping systems contact F.W. Webb at 781-272-6600.

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