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F.W. Webb Appoints Robert Mucciarone as its First Chief Operating Officer

F.W. Webb Company

Bedford, MA

F.W. Webb Company, the largest wholesale supplier of plumbing, heating, cooling and industrial PVF products in the Northeast, today announced the appointment of Robert Mucciarone to the newly created position of chief operating officer (COO).

"As a key contributor to the company's growth and success, Bob Mucciarone is the logical choice to fill the new, critically important COO role," said F.W. Webb President Jeff Pope. "Bob will spearhead efforts to propel the company forward by building on our reputation and strengths – offering best-in-class products backed by high levels of expertise and personalized customer attention."

F.W. Webb has expanded the scope of its business in recent years from the company's traditional plumbing, heating, cooling and PVF mainstays. Soon to mark its 150th anniversary, the company now specializes in 14 areas of expertise, including fire protection, building and process controls and high purity process components. It is fast becoming a one-stop partner to the commercial and residential trade industries as well as industrial and institutional building and property professionals throughout the Northeast.

A 30-year veteran of F.W. Webb, Robert Mucciarone is a graduate of Boston College and most recently served as the company's chief financial officer. A search is underway to fill the CFO role.

About F.W. Webb

Founded in 1866, the F.W. Webb Company proudly offers outstanding products and services to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional wholesale customers across nine states.

F.W. Webb is the largest Northeastern distributor of products in plumbing, heating, HVAC, refrigeration, PVF (pipe, valves and fittings), building controls, propane and natural gas equipment, water systems, commercial and industrial pumps, fire protection and fabrication, industrial PVF specialties, thermoplastic piping, high purity process components and process controls. With more than 80 locations, F.W. Webb's extensive inventory and dedicated fleet of trucks reach every corner of the Northeast. The company supports its customers with a network of sales professionals and product specialists with deep expertise in the industries served.

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