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F.W. Webb Becomes Authorized Distributor of Opto 22.

F.W. Webb Company

Bedford, MA

- F.W. Webb Company is the new authorized distributor for Opto 22 industrial automation hardware and software in the Northeast. With today's announcement, the Process Controls Division of F.W. Webb is expanding its distribution territory for the Opto 22 product line into each New England state, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Opto 22 products are used across all industries for automation, data acquisition and remote monitoring. They link electrical, mechanical and electronic equipment/machines to computer and network systems. This allows industrial, institutional and commercial enterprises – including manufacturing, food and beverage processing, energy, hospitals and universities (among others) – to efficiently monitor and accurately control processes essential to their operations.

"As we evaluated a new automation controls product line to bring to industrial customers throughout the entire F.W. Webb operational footprint, the Opto 22 line stood out as the best choice," said Daryl Schoellkopf, general manager, F.W. Webb Process Controls Division [link to]. "The Opto 22 line closely matches our core business and strengthens our focus as the single source supplier of high-quality process control valves, instrumentation, pressure protection and measurement products for industrial users in the Northeast."

Opto 22 automation systems provide real-time process control and monitoring through a complete line of Programmable Automated Controllers (PAC), Industrial I/O (input/output) and HMI (human–machine interface) software.

Previously, F.W. Webb was distributing Opto 22 products exclusively in the upstate New York region after the company acquired Systemation in late 2012.

Availability and Training

According to Bob Sheffres, vice president of sales for Opto 22, the product line is available immediately through F.W. Webb and is being well supported. F.W. Webb is working closely with Martindale Associates, the new manufacturer's rep for Opto 22 in the region. Serving as the previous distributor of Opto 22 in New England, Martindale Associates has amassed decades of unparalleled experience configuring and implementing automated control systems throughout the six-state region.

Martindale President Laurie Hall is an industrial automation systems expert with more than 30 years selling and representing the Opto 22 line. Hall is training F.W. Webb associates on systems and applications and will also provide sales support and customer assistance. "Laurie Hall knows the Opto 22 product line inside and out and will be an invaluable partner to customers under the new distribution arrangement with F.W. Webb," Sheffres said.

For more information on the Opto 22 product line and engineered solutions from the F.W. Webb Process Controls Division, call 800-452-1928.

About F.W. Webb

Founded in 1866, the F.W. Webb Company proudly offers outstanding products and services to residential wholesale, commercial, industrial and institutional customers across industries. F.W. Webb is the largest Northeastern distributor of products in plumbing, heating, HVAC, refrigeration, PVF (pipe, valves and fittings), building controls, propane and natural gas equipment, water systems, commercial and industrial pumps, fire protection and fabrication, industrial PVF specialties, thermoplastic piping, high purity process components and process controls. With more than 80 locations in nine states, F.W. Webb's extensive inventory and dedicated fleet of trucks reach every corner of the Northeast. The company supports its customers with a network of sales professionals and product specialists with deep expertise in the industries served.

For more information about F.W. Webb, visit

About Opto 22

Opto 22 develops and manufactures hardware and software for applications involving industrial automation and control, energy management, remote monitoring and data acquisition. Designed and made in the U.S.A., Opto 22 products have an established reputation worldwide for ease-of-use, innovation, quality and reliability. Opto 22 products use standard, commercially available networking and computer technologies and are used by automation end-users, OEMs and information technology and operations personnel in over 10,000 installations worldwide. The privately held company was founded in 1974 and is based in Temecula, CA. Opto 22 products are available through a global network of distributors and system integrators.

For more information about Opto 22, call 951-695-3000 or visit

Martindale Associates

Martindale Associates has been in business since 1976 distributing automation products throughout New England. Martindale specializes in process control, machine control, industrial computers and mobile computers as well as barcode data collection systems. Martindale was one of Opto 22's first manufacturer representatives and distributors. Today, Martindale continues to sell and support the Opto 22 product line as the New England Representative.

For more information about Martindale Associates, call 978-509-8590, e-mail or visit

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