F.W. Webb adds Viega PEX to its Product Offering

Viega PEX Press System

Bedford, MA

F.W. Webb is now offering residential, commercial and industrial contractors the efficient Viega PEX Press products for both radiant heating and total plumbing solutions. The Viega PEX Press system includes easy, effective press fittings in lead-free bronze or high performance polymer; flexible tubing with options for both potable water and radiant heating; and an innovative manifold system called ManaBloc. In sizes from 3/8" to 2", the Viega PEX press system is NSF 61 G-approved for potable water and compatible with previously installed cooper, stainless steel and black iron piping systems.

The ManaBloc manifold system equips each fixture in a building with its own individual PEX tubing line for direct water on demand. By delivering hot water faster to the calling fixture, wait time, water use and end-user cost is reduced. With ManaBloc, multiple faucets and showerheads can operate simultaneously without dramatic pressure drop or change in water temperature.

Viega radiant heating and cooling systems are engineered for comfort, not only for customers after the job is done but also for the contractors who design and install them. Contractors with experience installing Viega cooper or stainless steel press systems will find the Viega PEX system effective and ease to install.

With the PEX introduction, F.W. Webb becomes an official full line distributor of Viega systems, which includes everything Viega offers.

For more information about PEX, including applications and installation, contact your nearest F.W. Webb location.

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