New Water Works Tech Helps Municipalities Save Money and Reduce Waste

F.W. Webb Company

Products like the Kamstrup flowIQ® 2200 Water Meter and the iHydrant by Clow Valve Co. are just a few examples of innovative technologies that municipalities and water utilities around the Northeast are beginning to adopt. These products increase efficiencies for workers in the field and reduce revenue lost from leaks within the water system.

The Kamstrup flowIQ 2200 is a residential water meter that uses acoustics to detect leaks and automatically report them. It boasts a best-in-industry accuracy of 0.01 gallons per minute and shows total water usage on a large digital display. When it’s time to read the meter, there are several solutions that Kamstrup provides in order to collect the information provided. These meters can be read using either AMR or AMI reading platforms.

The iHydrant from Clow Valve Co. is a "smart" fire hydrant that can automatically alert water utilities and fire departments of any issues in the water system the hydrant is connected to. If a water grid experiences a hydraulic event, is threatened by rapid pressure changes or is being affected by temperature fluctuations, workers will be notified immediately so as never to jeopardize the response time in the event of a system failure. These innovative hydrants operate wirelessly with Verizon® cellular networks which allows for flawless data to be collected without taking the hydrant out of operation.

Rory Budds, Director of Water Works at F.W. Webb, commented, "We are excited to bring these products to the market. These technologies provide our sales associates an opportunity to have new conversations about the changing landscape of the water works industry and provide new tools that will help water utilities efficiently deliver water to their customers."

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