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Ultrasonic Smart Gas Meters: The Propane Industry Game-Changer

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Find out exactly how much gas your customers are using… Replace your mechanical gas meter with an Ultrasonic Smart Meter from Cavagna!

Benefits of a Smart Gas Meter:

  • Get real-time gas-level data on-demand
  • Use your drivers more effectively; optimize efficient deliveries and avoid run-outs
  • Increased control to your overall storage efficiency by analyzing historical consumption trends
  • The meter does not include any moving mechanical components that will wear out over time
  • Collect historical data of gas consumption and create personalized reports

How does it work?

  • Gas measurement: the smart meter uses an innovative high-performance ultrasonic sensor by Panasonic, designed to accurately measure the volume of LP gas as it passes through the ultrasonic sensor.
  • Values transcription: The measured values are encrypted and decrypted by standard communication protocol through Device Language Message Specification (DLMS).
  • Data transmission: The measurement signals are then stored until the Prodigi electronically communicates the values to OTUS – a cloud-baseed platform – using LoRaWAN, NB-IoT or LTE Communication.
  • Data storage: OTUS acts as a collection centre for all of the information the meter is able to acquire and transmit in encrypted form.
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