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Worthington SmartLid Tank Monitors Are Here

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Make unnecessary service calls a thing of the past with this revolutionary tank monitoring solution for vertical and horizontal tanks.

Designed to be an all-in-one solution, the SmartLid features an Otodata tank level monitor integrated into a new Worthington Industries polypropylene lid.

SmartLid features:

  • Universal monitoring solution for all tanks in your fleet
  • Arrives pre-activated for quick and easy installation
  • Dual SIM, dual CAT-M and NBIOT technologies provide maximum coverage
  • 20-year industry-leading battery life
  • Consistent monitor placement for optimal coverage
  • Waterproof polypropylene lid conceals and protects monitor
  • Unlimited reports and alerts
  • Customizable app delivering real-time gas level data
  • Works with most tanks and software

Transform existing tanks across your entire fleet:

  • Worthington Industries 200- and 420-pound heating and system tanks
  • Other manufacturers’ 420-pound heating and system tanks
  • Nearly every horizontal above-ground heating and system tanks
  • Most underground heating and system tanks thanks to available SmartLid monitor bracket
black color smart lid
blue color smart lid
dark tan color smart lid
grey color smart lid
green color smart lid
maroon color smart lid
orange color smart lid
red color smart lid
white color smart lid
yellow color smart lid

Available in 10 unique lid colors.

Transfer the tanks across your fleet today! Once in place, you'll have immediate, real-time access to all gas level data.

Call our propane hotline at 866-999-1075 for additional information.

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