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Introducing the TRIO MAX & TRIO MAX H2O

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The TRIO family just got a bit bigger with the addition of the brand new TRIO MAX & TRIO MAX H2O.

The TRIO MAX and MAX H2O by PurePro® were designed and innovated from scratch with efficiency, longevity and versatility in mind. Making it the only 3-Pass European Style tankless coil boiler in the market.

Fast facts:
  • It is constructed of GG20-rated cast iron for Thermal Shock Protection and durability
  • The TRIO MAX & MAX H2O boilers come standard with a Hydrolevel 3250 Hydrostat, which combines Temperature Limit Control, LWCO and Boiler Reset in one easy-touse control.
  • TRIO Max H2O is the only residential European 3-Pass boiler with a built-in coil to provide you with ample hot water, heat and longevity.

Why mid-mass? Mid Mass is the perfect combination for great DHW output without the inefficiencies of too much boiler and water mass.

A key feature to the efficiency of this boiler comes from the 3-pass design. Pushing flue gasses through multiple passes leaves us with much lower stack temperatures at the breach than standard single pass boilers. TRIO Max is 375-450 degrees compared to 550-750 degrees on standard boilers. Remember… The higher the number, the more money up the chimney!

Trio Max Cutaway diagram

For those choosing to provide heat and hot water in one unit the TRIO MAX H2O sets the bar for efficiency and provides customers with a higher-end option for the user.

Responsive Hot Water Technology built into the HydroStat recognizes a fast drop in boiler temperature when no heat call exists. It responds by firing the boiler prior to reaching the low limit to provide maximum hot water production. This removes the normal delay in tankless coil boilers providing hot water via a standard triple aquastat.

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