Bioprocessing Components

Featured Brands

Afa Laval
Anderson Negele
LJ Star
Rubber Fab
Spirax Sarco
Steel Pro

Core Manufacturer Lines

Alfa Laval Inc. Pumps

  • Alfa Laval Pump Supercenter
  • LKH/LKHU Series sanitary centrifugal pumps
  • LKH Prime Ultrapure CIP return pumps
  • SRU and SX Series rotary lobe pumps
  • Twin Screw pumps

Saunders Sanitary Diaphragm Valves*

  • Aseptic sanitary diaphragm valves
  • Engineered Bio-Block standard and custom valves, multiport diverter valves
  • Automated valves
  • Fully-Traceable diaphragms (USP Class VI Compliant)
  • I-Vue and M-Vue limit control tops

SVF Flow Control Ball Valves

  • High Purity tube full port ball valves
  • Forged and cast bodies
  • Full line of automation and control tops
  • 3 Way sanitary ball valves with multiple flow path options
  • Sanitary flush bottom tank valves

Anderson Negele

  • Sanitary pressure, temperature and level transmitters
  • Sanitary pressure and temperature gauges
  • Sanitary turbine and mag flow meters
  • CPM fitting
  • Guided Wave Radar




  • Market leader in air operated double diaphragm pumps
  • Specialty CIP and COP pumps for high-purity and food processing industries
  • New advanced series pumps including Pro-Flow X Efficiency Management System

Almatec Pump

  • EHEDG approved pumps for biotech/pharma processing
  • Wide range of specialty pumps including high pressure, specialty applications and Chemicor chemical-duty pumps


  • Sealless eccentric disc pumps for gentle handling or high-viscosity product
  • 3A and EHEDG approved pumps
  • Specialty chemical and life sciences pumps

Cole Palmer

  • Masterflex peristaltic pump systems
  • Wide range of peristaltic pump tubing for superior accuracy and repeatability

Unibloc Pump

  • Labtop – Integrated Pump System


Alfa Laval Inc.

  • Rising stem and butterfly valves
  • Mix Proof valves

Sharpe Ball Valves

  • 88 Series high purity tube full port ball valves (ASME BPE compliant)
  • Sonic Torque 4X4 four piston pneumatic actuator, limit switches and solenoid
  • Sanitary 3 Way ball valves
  • Sanitary flush bottom tank valves

Hose & Gaskets

Rubberfab Technologies Group

  • FDA, USP Class VI, ADIF, gaskets, TufFlex TufSteel, EPDM
  • Specialty products – screen gaskets orifice plates, biological indicators, smart gaskets, smart clamps, Torque-Rite
  • Sanitary hose assemblies – silicone, smooth bore Teflon, PVC
  • Custom silicone injection molded and laser engraved labels
  • Sani-lock, hose fittings & adapters

TBL Thermoplastic Biologic

  • Plastic tubing and fittings, FDA, USP Class VI, ADIF compliant
  • Platinum silicone tubing
  • Peristaltic pump tubing
  • Polypropylene, PVDF (KYNAR) fittings
  • Gamma irradiation, electron beam radiation, Ethylene Oxide, autoclave sterilization
  • Custom tube sets and packaged cut lengths

Tube & Fittings

Alfa Laval Inc.

  • Tri-Clamp and BPE orbital weld fittings


  • Hygienic tube supports that include both heavy duty and slim line design

United Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Grade 304, 316L SST Tubing
  • ASTM A269/270 S2 per BPE

Heat Exchangers

Alfa Lava

  • Complete line of plate and frame heat exchangers
  • Gasketed, semi-welded, fully-welded, brazed plate, fusion bonded
  • Shell & tube, Pharma-line and Pharma-X for use point cooling

Specialty Products

Unibloc Pump

  • Bubbletraps and strainers
  • Sanitary check valves and pressure relief valves


  • Custom designed and fabricated vessels
  • ASME Code "U" Stamp facility for new construction and National Board "R" Stamp for rework of existing pressure vessels
  • Rapid turnaround to meet the most aggressive project schedules

Alfa Laval Inc.

  • Gamajet tank cleaning equipment


  • Custom designed components including in-house valve porting
  • Process manifolds, valve manifolds and spool pieces
  • Unique compact shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Full line of sampling valves

Fusion Fluid Equipment

  • Lab / Process mixing equipment – BioTech and Pharma
  • Sanitary BioProp, Hydrofoil and Marine style impellers
  • Standard and custom lift stands / turnkey systems
  • Online mixing calculator and application guide

LJ Star

  • Sightglasses
  • Sightglass lights and accessories