Industrial PVF Specialties Products

Featured Brands

Piping Solutions

  • Parker Transair Piping Systems: Piping systems for compressed air, vacuum, inert gases and OEM equipment
  • Lokring Industrial: Weld equivalent high pressure pipe solutions in Stainless
  • Tylok Compression Fittings and Valves: Double Ferrule CBC Lok compression fittings, bar stock, 2-piece and 3-piece ball valves, needle valves manifolds, Tylok standard compression fittings

Food, Beverage, Beer & Wine, and Dairy Products

  • Ace Sanitary: 3-A Certified hose, USDA compliant hose, FDA compliant hose
  • Alfa Laval: Sanitary process components for food and dairy industries
  • Armstrong: Steam specialties – Industrial and commercial wash down equipment mixing stations, spray nozzles, and hoses
  • Strahman Wash Down Equipment And Valves: Industrial and commercial wash down mixing stations, spray nozzles, hoses, drain valves, sampling valves, and line blind valves
  • Rubber Fab Hose: Food and beverage, suction discharge, FDA, USDA, and with 3A sanitary hose approvals; Seals, hose, tubing and fittings
  • Texcel: Growler brewery hose, sanitary, steam, air, water, and chemical hose

Chemical Process & Bio-Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Crane Resistoflex: Polypropylene, Teflon, Kynar, PFA and ATL lined pipe, valves, fittings, hose, expansion joints, and line pipe spools
  • Crane Xomox: PFA lined ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, and piston check valves
  • Crane Saunders: Industrial diaphragm valves for abrasive and corrosive applications
  • ITT Cam-Tite / Cam-Line: Cam-Tite - Top entry metal seated ball valves for severe service applications; Cam-Line - Plastic lined trunnion ball valves
  • Richter Valves: Plastic lined butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, strainers, sampling valves, and relief valves
  • Swiss Fluid: PFA Lined ball valves, butterfly valves, sight glass, and sampling valves

Hydraulic & Industrial Hose Products

  • Conti Tech Hose: Industrial, general purpose, brewery, steam, and chemical hose
  • Dixon Fittings: Cam & Groove, Boss, hydraulic fittings
  • Flex Haus: Flexible hose, ducting and accessories
  • Flex Hos: Flexible connectors, stainless steel braided hose
  • Reelcraft: Industrial hose reels, stainless steel, painted carbon steel
  • Gates Rubber Hose: Hydraulic crimp assemblies, industrial hose, acid chemical, air and multipurpose, petroleum food and beverage, water and steam, and material handling hoses
  • Parker Hose: Industrial hose and end connections for hydraulic, industrial PVC, and water

Strainers & Filters

  • Eaton: Bag filtration systems, simplex, duplex, y-type, basket and screen strainers, and separation equipment