PurePro Products

PurePro® is the F.W. Webb Company's exclusive brand of products, developed by contractors and available only to professionals. F.W. Webb carefully selects or designs each product that bears our private label, so you know every item is an unbeatable combination of quality, value, and warranty. Each PurePro product is backed 100% by F.W. Webb.

Over 1,200 PurePro Products

Available exclusively through F.W. Webb, PurePro products are offered across a wide range of categories to the plumbing, heating, and cooling trades, including:

Heating & Cooling

Boilers, boiler trim, controls, circulators, thermostats, burners, indirect water heaters and more.


Kitchen and bathroom faucets, faucet parts, water filtration, sump pumps and more.

Cleaners, Chemicals, Tools & Hardware

A/C chemicals, degreasers, leak sealants, system treatments, brushes, anchors, screws, tape measures and more.

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PurePro TRIO & Advantage Boilers

PurePro TRIO and Advantage Boilers

TRIO and Advantage water boilers are constructed of durable cast iron for oil, natural gas, and propane gas applications. Both chimney and direct vent options are available. Each boiler comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

For additional information on TRIO boilers please visit trioboiler.com.

PurePro Press Fittings

The PurePro® Press system for copper pipes is designed to meet the main requirements of the plumber and make their daily work easier, safe and in compliance with the regulations required. All fittings are manufactured in Italy.

Lead Free Brass Ball Valve with PRESS Connections

Advantages of the PurePro Press Fittings:

  • Easy and quick installation, no time-consuming operation required (brazing, soldering or grooving)
  • Safe installation, no flames or heavy tools required
  • High hydraulic and mechanical seal-pressure rating suitable for all major requirements
  • Nobel and bacteriostatic material, high-quality and durability
Instruction Manual
Submittal Sheet

Lead Free Brass Ball Valve with PRESS Connections

The lead free Press ball valves are forged brass that combine reliable operation with maximum economy. Now with multiagency approvals, the PurePro® full port ball valve is ideal for various fluids, drinking water, fire protection, and general plumbing and HVAC applications. Valves are ANSI 3rd party Lead Free certified.

Lead Free Brass Ball Valve with PRESS Connections


  • Drip Fit O-rings
  • 2 piece
  • No soldered-in end pieces
  • Blow out proof stem, SLT coated LF brass
  • Adjustable packing
  • Dual O-rings (Viton+NBR)
  • P.T.F.E. seats and double O-ring stem packing
  • 100% electronically tested in the open and closed position at 80 psi
  • Valve to be used in fully open or fully closed position
  • Made in lead free dezincification resistant brass (LF-DZR)

Performance rating:

  • Valve design rating: Working pressure 200 CWP
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 250°F
Specification Sheet
Instruction Manual
PurePro Hydro Separator 5-in-1

PurePro Hydro Separator 5-in-1

The multi-function Hydro Separator 5-in-1 saves on system installation and maintenance costs with five high performance functions combined into one device:

  • Hydraulic separation
  • Micro-Bubble coalescing air separation
  • Coalescing dirt separation
  • Magnetic separation
  • Tridicator for temperature and pressure reading
PurePro Hydro Separator 5-in-1 Cut Sheet
PurePro Indirect Water Heaters

PurePro Indirect Water Heaters

PurePro offers a complete line of indirect-fired water heaters to complement the TRIO and Advantage boiler lines. Using the boiler as its heat supply, the burner fires only when necessary and transfers heat from the boiler to the water heater through a highly efficient heat exchanger.

Ask about the Plug'n Go PLUS model, the only pre-piped, pre-wired indirect water heaters in the industry.