Ordering Solutions

Digital Ordering & Inventory Solutions

To help you order products and manage your inventory with the utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness, F.W. Webb offers a wide array of technology-enabled solutions for customers of all sizes in any industry. Whether you have one stockroom or inventory in multiple locations, a single service van or fleet of vehicles, we work with you to identity and implement practical, seamless digital ordering and inventory solutions.

Customized Solutions

Your facility, your operations, your needs are all unique to your business or institution. F.W. Webb develops customized solutions to meet your needs within the scope of your current technology systems. We incorporate the following powerful tools to build ordering and inventory control programs that save time and money and enhance processes:

Online Ordering (formerly Webb Connect)

  • Convenient ordering via your F.W. Webb account
  • Real-time pricing, product availability, purchasing history, and invoice inquiries
  • Management of account information, order approval flow, and more

Inventory Management & Replenishment

  • Smart product lists evolved from your baseline stock and usage
  • Barcode labeling of warehouses, stockrooms, and service vans and vehicles
  • Customer Managed Inventory (CMI) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Solutions tailored to your ordering preference and technology

Automation & Integration

  • Data integration with virtually any accounting or work order management system
  • EDI, FTP, and email options
  • Punch-out catalogs and other solutions to integrate with eProcurement or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Practical Expertise

F.W. Webb offers you expertise gleaned from 150+ years of customer service and from its own extensive inventory management operations. We move thousands of products each week from a 10-acre Central Distribution facility to more than 80 locations in nine states. You can maximize efficiency while saving money. Contact us for all your ordering and inventory programming needs.

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