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Custom Panel Fabrication & Skids

Starting with an understanding of your process needs and then moving to a solution and design, teams of experts from across F.W. Webb craft custom control panel and skid-mounted systems for your unique applications. Ranging from the simple to the complex, fabricated systems from F.W. Webb save you the time, expense and trouble of sourcing and compiling individual components.

Engineered Solutions from Process Controls Division

The Engineered Products Group from the F.W. Webb Process Controls Division designs and builds intricate panel control systems and skid-mounted systems for a range of industries, including:

  • Power & Energy
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Biopharma, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil, Gas & Chemical

Comprised of chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers, our highly specialized and technically adept team is dedicated to meeting your precise needs. Here is a sampling of custom panels and skids from the F.W. Webb Process Controls Division:

  • Batch systems
  • Small pilot plant systems
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Pump skids
  • Compressor skids
  • High pressure chemical sampling systems
  • pH neutralization skids
  • Substation relay protection panels
  • Steam desuperheating skids

To complete the offering from conception to delivery and start up, we offer you field service such as installation, calibration, training, annual and scheduled routine preventive maintenance, repairs and emergency service. For more information, call 800-452-1928.

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See our EPG brochure to learn more.

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Thermoplastics Skid Solutions

The F.W. Webb Thermoplastics Piping Division provides fully tested and ready-to-install custom skid systems for industrial processes, wastewater, and municipal water treatment applications. These self-contained modular systems can be turnkey, custom-fabricated to your specifications, or made as a design-build. They can feature as much plug-and-play functionality as you need - from a simple pump and tank to a multi-faceted control system with pumps, tanks, flow, level, actuation, and water quality parameters. For potable water applications, F.W. Webb can incorporate many features and items into a custom-designed liquid metering system, such as:

  • pH, ORP
  • Conductivity
  • Chlorine
  • Flow
  • Level
  • Fluid Transfer
  • Fluid Metering
  • Storage
  • Containment
  • Piping
  • Actuation

We deliver, install, train, maintain and repair. Reach the Thermoplastics Piping Division at 800-343-7555.

Pump Systems Fabrication

When you need custom pump systems for flow management, the F.W. Webb Commercial & Industrial Pumps Division is your reliable source for off-the-shelf or custom-built solutions.

Water Boosters

To boost water pressure, we offer pre-packaged and custom booster systems. All our skid solutions - from standalone integrated booster pumps to multi-pump variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled booster skids - are designed to match your needs and be cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Water booster skid options include simplex, duplex, triplex, and quad pumps from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Skids can also be built with end-suction or vertical multi-stage pumps. Integrated instrumentation allows these systems to communicate with your facility.

Our wide variety of options includes the F.W. Webb proprietary PurePro® booster system line. It can be customized easily to meet your space requirements and, with minimal or no modification, is compatible with your existing piping.

Condensate Return Systems

The proprietary PurePro Stainless Steel Condensate Return System from F.W. Webb is built around the Grundfos immersion-style, vertical multi-stage pump. It is offered in simplex and duplex models, in three standard stainless steel receiver sizes: 25-gallon, 50-gallon and 100-gallon. The standard duplex model comes complete with a mechanical duplexing level switch and an integral, pre-wired control panel with circuit protection and motor starters.

Options for these systems include sight glasses, temperature gauges, temperature transmitters, as well as stainless steel pump discharge heads. Systems can even be built as vacuum-systems.

If more conventional cast iron systems or pressure-powered pump designs are required, F.W. Webb has these, along with a great variety of pumps from all the leading manufacturers.

For more information, call the F.W. Webb location in your region:

  • CT, MA, RI: 866-850-7867
  • NH, ME, VT: 800-533-1172
  • NY, NJ, PA: 607-724-3170
PurePro Condensate Return Systems Brochure

PurePro Condensate Return Systems

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