PVF Fabrication

F.W. Webb's in-house PVF fabrication services meet almost any project need. Select locations can deliver to project sites across the Northeast or items can be picked up at a F.W. Webb location nearest you. We can supply the PVF and cut it to your specifications and you can enjoy the time and cost savings that comes with partnering with a one-source supplier like us.

Fire Protection and Fabrication

Located in Canton, MA, our 50,000-square-foot facility can turnaround hundreds of feet of pipe often in 48 hours or less. Every welder is certified by a third-party engineering company and 100% of welds are tested. Once complete, we deliver everything to your worksite, marked and bundled for installation at no additional cost.

Fabrication services:

  • Cut and groove up to 24" pipe
  • Thread up to 8" pipe
  • Weld ½" to 2½" outlets on pipe sizes from 1 ¼" to 8"

Water Works

Our fabrication and machine shop in Malden, MA provides fast, high-quality services that can't be found anywhere else. Our highly experienced, precision machinists are experts in making existing in-ground pipe compatible with new pipe and fittings, even when old and new are different sizes. The shop also includes a welding area and paint room. The welding team can produce accessories and specialty items in days versus the months it can take an outside foundry.

Fabrication services:

  • Reducing flanges from 24" to 4", 6" or 8"
  • Flanging, grooving and cutting on ductile iron sizes 3" to 48"
  • Drilling, tapping and welding
  • Customized valve keys, curb keys, fittings, extension stems, flanges, spacers and bases


  • UL-classified fabrication shop
  • Flanged ductile iron pipe, PVF and hydrants meet AWWA standards (American Water Works Association)
  • NSF International-approved paint for pipe

Industrial PVF

Our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled fabrication facility in Cranston, RI provides custom hose assemblies and specialty pipe fabrication for the industrial, hydraulic and high purity markets. Our skilled technicians can cut, assemble, crimp and test hose assemblies. Crimping includes adding collars, flanges, flared joints and other assorted end connections to ensure an air-tight seal that will easily connect with the existing pipe at your site. The team also fabricates specialty lined pipe spools, valves and fittings from the RESISTOFLEX® brand, which is designed to handle reactive and corrosive chemicals.

Fabrication services:

  • Crimping machine up to 6" diameter
  • Fabricated Teflon-lined pipe spools that range from 1" to 8" in diameter and up to 20 feet long
  • Field flare fabrication of Teflon-lined pipe
  • Hose testing and critical spare hose surveys
  • Custom compressed air systems and services

Learn More

  • Fire Protection and Fabrication Services

    For more information, contact the Fire Protection & Fabrication Division at 781-828-5559 or fire@fwwebb.com
  • Fabrication Services

    For more information, contact the Water Works Division at 781-322-1238
  • Industrial PVF

    For more information, contact the Industrial PVF Specialties Division at 401-739-0180 or hose@fwwebb.com