HVAC Control Valves, Actuators & Parts from Belimo

Based in Switzerland, Belimo is a world-market leader in the creation of parts, accessories, and controls for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. From damper control valves to actuators, the company boasts almost fifty years of experience making parts for home and commercial use. Belimo actuators control the on/off functionality of the damper in an HVAC unit for safety. Control valves sit at junction points between pipes or tubes and increase, slow down, or stop flow in hydronic systems. Belimo retrofit kits and globe valve actuators are highly adaptable and link Belimo parts with generic options. Belimo zone valves control pressure-dependent systems in small, compact areas of an HVAC system. Additional Belimo products include jack shafts, weather shields, and stem adapters for proper heating and cooling system repair and maintenance. Find durable, high-quality products in the collection of Belimo valves at F.W. Webb.