Copeland Compressors, Capacitors, Motors & Parts

Edmund Copeland founded the Copeland company in 1921 to bring his refrigeration ideas to life. In 1937, Copeland headquarters relocated to Sidney, Ohio, and welcomed new leadership with exciting ideas for the company's future. Emerson acquired Copeland in 1986 and revived the company's commitment to innovation. Today, Copeland has become a leader in the HVAC industry with more than 200 million compressors installed internationally. Browse Copeland motors and capacitors for eco-friendly equipment with impressive performance. Find high-quality Copeland replacement start capacitors, relays, and other parts for residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration. Explore the results of over 100 years of HVAC expertise with Copeland hardware on F.W. Webb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Copeland?

Copeland was founded in 1921 and acquired by the climate-conscious Emerson brand in 1986. Paired with Emerson, Copeland remains a leader in the HVAC industry for technological advancements and reliability.